Iron-On Name Labels, Made Easy

04 August 2017

Life seems to get busier and busier. There are children to entertain, emails to answer, meals to make, a social life to upkeep, a house to clean, and that’s not even considering those of us with full time jobs as well! Amongst all this joyful mayhem, who has time to sit down and sew!? Our iron-on name labels were made by real mums who understand the pressure of real day-to-day life. Durable and easy to apply, our iron-on labels are tried and tested by parents worldwide and are the nation’s most loved name labels.

Say goodbye to the hair-tearing tasks of smudgy marker pens, fiddly sewing and itchy name tags... With My Name Label, you can have fun creating personalised iron-on name labels that your children will love in just a few clicks of the mouse! Our flexible iron-on labels make it easy to keep a track of everyone’s belongings without the need for fiddly sewing. Made from a durable polyester material with a heat-activated adhesive, they are easy to apply and will stay on in the wash and the tumble dryer. Your garments will be easily identifiable and as unique as your children’s personalities in just a quick swipe of the iron. Nothing could be easier!

How to Apply Iron-On Labels

  • Use a hot, dry iron
  • Remove the label from the backing sheet and place in position on the clothing
  • Place the non-stick baking paper (supplied with your labels) over the label
  • Place the iron onto the label and press firmly for 8-10 seconds for standard size label or 4-5 seconds for mini clothing labels
  • Allow the paper to cool before removing it from over the label
  • The heat from the iron melts the label and then as the label cools, it hardens again with the adhesive activated. When it is attached correctly you will see the texture of the fabric impressed on the label
  • Voila!

My Name Label iron-on labels are designed to stick fast once applied, but if you need to pass clothing down to siblings or mistakenly put it on the wrong clothing, you can remove the label by following the instructions below:

  • Place the baking paper provided over the label and reheat the label with a hot dry iron
  • Immediately remove the baking paper and while the label is still hot pull it from a corner
  • Use a finger nail or a blunt knife to do this (be careful not to burn yourself!). The label will be soft and stretchy while it is hot. The label should peel away from the clothing. As it cools it may break and you will have to repeat this procedure until all bits of the label have been removed.

Customise and order your personalised iron-on name labels now to find out how easy it is for yourself!