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Halloween Stickers - Pumpkins


There are lots of ways to make Halloween fun.

Halloween has a long history with its roots of Celtic origin predating Christianity. But the tradition of Trick or Treat has really been developed in more recent times in the USA. It is fast being adopted in many countries including the UK. Kids love Halloween, it lets their imaginations run wild as they dress up and plan their tricks and treats. With a parent tagging along to make sure they are all safe, it is a great way to meet the neighborhood.

So we are celebrating too with a special pack of stickers that kids can use to decorate their buckets and bags. They are also a fun gift to give out along with sweets when hoards of kids arrive at your door.

Pack contains 28 stickers

Meet the Designer

Meet the Designer | Lucinda Budden

Meet the Designer | Lucinda Budden

Our graphic designer Lucinda has a keenly creative eye and our stylish fun labels wouldn’t be what they are without our lovely Lu!

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