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Mini Name Labels


Size: 6mm x 35mm

We love these labels! Mini stick-on labels make naming pencils, felt tips and all those little items a breeze.

Remember the days when parents had to tediously shave the end of a pencil to create a space to write a name? Well those days are gone. My Name Label make mini stick-on labels that make naming pencils, felt pens, ink pens, biros and all those little items a breeze.

Simply peel and stick on all your stationery and small items. They are made from a high grade vinyl that will stick to most clean smooth surfaces. 

To ensure that you are able to read the text clearly on these mini labels, we do not include pictures - NAME ONLY!

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Orders dispatched from our office within 4 business days.

  1. Remove the label from the backing sheet and place onto the clean, dry, smooth surface of the item you need to name.
  2. Rub over the label firmly with the flat of your thumb nail.
  3. Do not wash the label or put it in water for 48 hours.
  4. Cleaning the surface where the label is to be stuck with methylated spirits first will ensure it is really clean and improve the adhesive bond.
  • 1) What can I use mini stickers on?

    Mini name labels can be used on anything with a clean, hard, smooth surface such as most plastics, metals, glass and paper. But they are perfect for things where space is small like pencils, pens, textas, highlighters, rulers - lots of stationery items! Actually they are our favourite label in the office!

  • 2) Why do I have to wait 48 hours before putting them in water?

    The adhesive bonding agent on the back of the label gets stronger over that time. If you immerse them in water before they have bonded strongly they are more likely to come off.

  • 3) Why do I have to rub them with my thumb nail?

    The adhesive is encapsulated in tiny 'bubbles' and by rubbing firmly you are breaking them open and letting the adhesive bonding agent out.

  • 4) Can I get them off?

    Yes. Simply use a finger nail to lift a corner and them pull it off.

All orders are dispatched from our office within a maximum of 4 business days using Royal Mail first class postage.

Orders are delivered to your letter box. The actual delivery time will depend on where you live and how quickly Royal Mail can deliver to you location. Unfortunately My Name Label has no control over Royal Mail delivery times.

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Meet the Designer

Meet the Designer | Lucinda Budden

Meet the Designer | Lucinda Budden

Our graphic designer Lucinda has a keenly creative eye and our stylish fun labels wouldn’t be what they are without our lovely Lu!

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