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10 Highly Anticipated Baby Names to Watch for in 2019

21st January 2019 | News

10 Highly Anticipated Baby Names to Watch for in 2019

As a new year rolls around, so do new trends for baby’s names! Whether you’ve had your heart set on a name for your baby since the day you found out you were pregnant, or are completely undecided and want to explore all avenues before you make such a big decision, choosing a name for your baby is a vital and exciting part of the expecting process.

Looking ahead to 2019, the trend for choosing comfortably familiar names, with or without a twist, is definitely going to continue into the new year…The ten gorgeous names in this list for 2019 were perhaps not so recognised last year but are seeing a rise in popularity due to their fashionable sound and rising star impact. 

baby names for 2019

5 Popular Boys Baby Names for 2019


The name Dexter is of ancient Greek origin and comes from the Greek word "dexiteros", a poetic form of the word "dexios", meaning right-handed, fortunate and skilled. This boys’ name has risen up 36 places in the baby name popularity lists since 2017, but still remains fairly rare at number 427 in the popular baby name charts. This cool creative baby name is only set to rise in popularity in 2019 and we expect to see more Dexters being printed on our bespoke name labels as the new year rolls on.


This quirky name has risen 609 places in popularity since 2017 to leave it currently sitting at 42nd in ‘most popular boys’ names’ lists for 2019. “Arlo” was first mentioned in Edmund Spenser's famous, 16th century epic poem "The Faerie Queene". The name Arlo is believed to be derived from the Anglo-Saxon for army, fortified, troops, war and mound or hill,' thereby meaning 'fortified hill.' We have definitely seen a rise in the name ‘Arlo’ coming through our name label printers and think it’s a charming name for a boy so will be glad to see it rise up the ranks in 2019!


Caleb has risen to number 62 on the popular boys name lists for 2019 and looks as though it will stay as a popular choice for baby boys born in 2019. In the bible Caleb was a leader of the Israelites who was sent by Moses to scout out the land in the second year after the Exodus. Caleb has returned to popularity as a baby name for  2019 perhaps thanks to famous Calebs to inspire the rise of this hipster boys’ name such as Caleb Followill in rock band The Kings of Leon and rising Instagram star Caleb Burton.


We must admit that we haven’t had many Ezras coming through the name label printers yet, but this edgy boys name will rise in popularity in 2019. Ezra is currently the 81st most popular boys’ name having risen an impressive 462 places since 2007. This name is a Hebrew baby name meaning ‘happy, strong and helpful’ and has seen a rise in popularity since movie actor Ezra  Miller and pop star George Ezra gained in popularity. We predict that this punchy, musical-sounding name will be a big hit for boys names in 2019!


The name Harrison started its life as a surname, simply meaning “Harry's son”. A notable namesake of the popular boys name Harrison is the actor Harrison Ford, and of course the Beatle George Harrison (even though it is his surname!). Although Harrison was a popular boys’ name in the nineties following a resurgence of the Star Wars movies, it declined in popularity somewhat until recently. However, it is currently the 34th most popular boys name and is look to rise in popularity in 2019.

girls names for 2019

5 Popular Girls Names for 2019


The name Winnie is of English and Welsh origin meaning peacemaking, gentle friend. Winnie is a pet form of Winifred and Edwina and has lots of vintage charm having been popular through the 1950s, but has recently seen a rise in popularity in popular name lists for 2019. Winnie is related to the names Guinevere, Winifred, and Winona and is a lovable name looks likely to rise up the baby name lists for 2019.


The name Margot is of French origin meaning ‘pearl’. It is a French pet form of Marguerite which means ‘daisy’. This gorgeous girls’ name is likely influenced by the popular Australian actress, Margot Robbie and is destined to be a really popular name choice for baby girls in 2019. Margot sits at number 533 in popular name lists for 2019, and is set to rise up the ranks as more parents chose this uniquely classic name for their baby girl.


The name Kiki has always been a unique name which is set apart from the likes of Mimi and Fifi. It has bold and creative associations and in Spanish means ‘home ruler’. The word Kiki is also an American slang term for party, gossip and  laughter! This name is perhaps most famed for Elton John’s duet with Kiki Dee in the song ‘Don’t go Breaking my Heart’, but will rise in popularity n 2019 thanks to its kooky nature and charming simplicity.


The name Dottie is a girl's name of English origin meaning "gift of God". Dottie and Dot are often shortenings of Dorothy and it was most popular in the 1890's but will become one of those popular shortened versions of old names as we look forwards to 2019 name trends. Dottie (or Dotty) is currently number 802 in the popular baby name lists and we hope to see lots of name labels bearing this cute name as the year rolls on.


The name Aurora is of Latin origin meaning ‘dawn’. It is also the poetic name of the Roman goddess of sunrise whose tears turned into the morning dew. Aurora is also associated with the scientific term for the Northern Lights, as well as being the name of Sleeping Beauty in Disney’s version of the classic tale. Aurora is currently number 51 on the popular names for baby girls list and likely to emerge as an even more popular choice in 2019.

So there we have it, our run-down of top 10 baby names to watch for 2019! Let us know which  you like and which we’ve missed over on Facebook and Instagram (and don’t forget to tag your pregnant friends so that they can benefit from our ever-helpful name inspiration in the future!).