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12 Creative Uses for Name Labels You’ll Want to Try Now…

21st February 2021 |

10 Creative Uses for Name Labels

From PE kits to coats, labels for shoes, bags and everything in between, name labels can be used for identifying all sorts of things. Here at My Name Label we make customised labels in all sorts of shapes and sizes, colours and designs and have been helping families stay organised and in control of their belongings since 2006.

We love hearing some of the more creative uses our customers have for their name labels, so we thought you would too… have a read through some of these ingenious uses for our labels (and let us know if we’ve missed any!)

creative uses for name labels

1. Make Up Kit Labels

We were recently contacted on Instagram by the talented makeup artist Pippa Woods (@pipwoods) who told us that she uses our name labels to keep her makeup kit and barbering equipment in order. Especially in these Covid-aware times, keeping your kit tidily labelled and orderly is crucial from a hygiene point of view, but it also makes it easily accessible so that you can carry out your job seamlessly and fuss-free. So many people were inspired by this that we had a huge flurry of orders of our mini labels from other makeup artists and beauty professionals who wanted to replicate Pippa’s inspirational organisation with labels for lip gloss, labels for mascara and all kinds of other makeup labeling needs. So thank you Pippa!

make up kit labels

2. Jar Labels for Kitchen Ingredients

Living sustainably and aiming for zero waste when we do our food shopping is important as we all try to do our bit to protect the planet. Buying in bulk and decanting our dry foods and spices into kilner jars not only looks on-trend, but can have a positive impact on the world around us as it cuts down on packaging waste. Kilner jar labels keep your kitchen ingredients organised and easy-to-access, whilst also making your jars look that little bit more beautiful with a choice of colours and styles. Using pantry labels for labelling your dried pasta, cereals, lentils, pulses and spices in air-tight containers is the perfect step towards living more responsibly one day at a time. 

kilner jar labels

3. Aged Labels for Residential Home Living

Our clothing name labels aren’t just for kids’ clothes and school uniforms - they can of course be ironed or stuck onto any clothes. This makes them perfect for helping to keep track of personal items and clothing belonging to elderly folk living in residential settings. Labels for aged care, respite or retirement homes can remove little worries such as losing personal items, leaving you the time and headspace to settle your loved ones in and make them feel comfortable. Our customisable iron-on clothing labels are larger and have clear, easy-to-read print making them perfect for people of all ages. 

elderly care home labels

4. Gifting Labels

With lockdown still restricting who we can see, many of us are missing our loved ones and longing for that personal connection once more. We have had numerous labels orders from creative folk making their own jams, crafts, gift cards and more. They use our labels to adorn their creations with messages such as ‘Made With Love’ or simply ‘Love From Grandma’. We love that one of the positives to come from this pandemic is that people are rediscovering the joy of creating and giving - there’s nothing quite like a handcrafted gift or personally written letter coming through the door to put a smile on someone’s face. 

handmade goods labels

5. Plant Pot Labels

Being stuck indoors more has made many of us adorn our living spaces with more plants to perhaps bring a sense of the outdoors, in. No one likes the unsightly information label that comes with a shop bought house plant, and we have seen a surge of orders from people using our name spot labels to keep a note of the name of their houseplants (some even use the Latin name too for bonus points!). Labelling house plants can serve a useful function if you mark when they need watering or the date they need potting on, and we love the idea of using your creativity to keep your plants labelled and named with all manner of fonts and colours to match your décor.

house plant labels

6. Home Organisational Labels

Do you ever feel that you can never get on top of the tidying up? Does it always feel like you just get the house straight and hours later things are out of place again? Does your family life seem to flow better when you live in a tidy and organised environment? Our collection of tidying labels for the home which can help you with decluttering and inspire you to live a more organised life once and for all. Using tidying labels for the home which clearly show where your linen/towels/pillow cases are stored will save you lots of time. You can even put discreet name labels inside your drawers to remind yourself where socks/pants/bras should go so that it stays tidier for longer.

tidying labels for the home

7. Address Labels

If you are selling lots of stuff on Ebay, or perhaps you are always at the post office posting out orders for your small business, our address labels can save lots of time by removing the need to write your ‘sender address’ on the back of every parcel. Even if you’re just sending a birthday card or gift to someone, sticking your address label on the back makes it easier for the recipient to see who its from and to (hopefully) write back to you!


address labels

8. Hand Washing Labels

We made a cute hand washing sticker that can be used around the house as a gentle reminder for people to do the right thing - wash their hands! This is especially useful for shared bathrooms and communal cooking areas, whether in the home, at nursery/school or in the workplace. We all need to do our bit during this pandemic to stop the spread, so a reminder to wash your hands is just what the doctor ordered (literally!).   

handwashing labels

9. Book Club Labels

Are you a book lover or member of a book club? Chances are you often lend your books to friends and keeping track of them can be challenging when you are relying on others to return them to you. A simple book club name label placed in the front of the book, or on the cover, will remind the borrower who it belongs to. So make sure your beautiful books come back to you for future enjoyment by yourself and others.

book labels

10. Craft Beer Labels

And now on to beer! We have a customer who uses our name labels to label his small handcrafted batches of craft beer. Colour-coded and showing the name, brew and expiry date, the craft beer labels are also customised to show where he is sending the orders, whether that be Paddington, Chelsea or any other part of London and beyond. 

craft beer


11. Product Labels

Small businesses love our labels because they can be easily-customised to fit their products. They can choose the colour, font and wording to say exactly what they want their product labels to say. Like one of our customers Sweetie Treets does on their gorgeously original sweetie trees!  We love this idea so much. product labels 

12. Labels for Saving the Planet

Yes really! An awesomely brilliant little girl in the Wirral uses our labels to keep a track of her litter pickers. 'The Little Collector' (or Elizabeth to her friends) is the founder of ‘The Little Collector Crew’, a group of children, from all over the Wirral, that come together to clean up the places that they love. They have been keeping the roads, beaches and beautiful spaces nearby as litter free as possible since 2017 and we are proud that we can help a little bit by providing easily-customisable labels for the little litter pickers. 

We think that all of these creative ideas for name labels are awesome, and we love that our name labels are used for all manner of things to help you keep your day-to-day lives more organised. Let us know over on our Facebook and Instagram what ingenious uses you have for name labels, we’d love to hear them!