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Declutter Your Life with Tidying Labels for the Home

15th April 2019 |

Declutter Your Life with Tidying Labels for the Home...

Do you ever feel that you can never get on top of the tidying up? Does it always feel like you just get the house straight and hours later things are out of place again? Does your family life seem to flow better when you live in a tidy and organised environment? We have a collection of tidying labels for the home which can help you with decluttering and inspire you to live a more organised life once and for all. Here at My Name Label we pride ourselves on making life that little bit easier for busy families, so when you asked us for tidying labels, we jumped to it!

Here are our top 8 tips for decluttering the home to make a more stress-free and happy environment… (you’re welcome!)

Top Tips for a More Organised Home

1) Organise by Category

A good method when decluttering the home is to focus on one category at a time not room by room (which is what lots of people do). For example, don’t just focus on your bedroom, start with clothes and tidy all of the clothes across the house. Once you’ve tidied the coats, laundry room, shoe cupboards etc, you can then move on to another category e.g. books/toys/toiletries and so on. By doing this you’ll find that you will have a good gauge of how much space you need for your newly organised wardrobes and drawers as you’ll have tidied all of the clothes in the house.

2) Get the Job Done

Some people talk about it being better to tidy a little bit at a time, but that we find that if you do that it will make it feel like you are tidying forever without it ever feeling finished! You’ll go crazy with the age-old problem of turning around and the cupboard you’ve just tidied has been pulled out and messed up quicker than a blink. Which is a very bad motivator!  When you start clearing up, work on it until it’s done and that way you’ll get on top of it much more quickly.

3) Be Ruthless

When you are decluttering the home, take each item that you are trying to organise and ask yourself “Do I really need this item?”. Don’t keep hold of things that you won’t need again  in case of a ‘rainy day’- that can lead to clutter and an unorganised home. Make a rule and if you haven’t looked at or used a particular item for say, 6 months, then let it go. Easier said than done we know (!) but believe us when we say that ruthless is best and you won’t even remember that old lamp/dress/mirror that you found at the back of the cupboard in 2 weeks’ time…

4) Organisation is Key

When organising clothes in drawers and wardrobes, make sure you position them where every item can easily be seen and identified so you know exactly what you own. It means you aren’t keeping old clothes hidden in piles and will stop you pulling everything out and shoving it back in again when you’re getting dressed in a hurry. Using tidying labels for the home which clearly show where your linen/towels/pillow cases are stored will save you lots of time. You can even put discreet name labels inside your drawers to remind yourself where socks/pants/bras should go so that it stays tidier for longer.

5) Recycle Recycle Recycle!

Recycle as much as possible. Don’t keep hold of magazines or papers for months on end as this makes a place look untidy and your newspaper stash will gradually wind up out of control. Make sure you take papers to be recycled or put them in your own office or household recycling so that they are disposed of regularly. If you have a collection of old household bills then be sure to shred and recycle those that you don’t need - stashes of paperwork can pile up and quickly become unsightly.

6) Write Lists

Write up a list of jobs that need to be done daily, weekly and monthly and annually. Keep it somewhere handy to remind yourself on a regular basis. If you keep on top of your schedule then it makes it much easier to manage in the long-term.

7) Get the Whole Family Onboard

Making sure that the whole family are onboard with your new, tidier regime is key to ongoing tidying success. Ensure that your children and partner know where everything should be stored so that they are able to put things back in the correct place after they’ve used them. We find that our value pack of tidying labels work wonders as labelling folders, drawers and cupboards makes it so much more simple to organise. If you use some of our brilliant images on the labels (books/teddies/clothes) then even preschoolers can see what’s what and try to keep everything tidy.

8) Systems and Organisation

Create a storage system that is easy to manage. Use boxes, drawers and folders to keep items in place and label them so that you know exactly what goes where. You can use our bespoke name labels to make your labels stand out and make it clear for everyone to know what goes where.

Decluttering your world with the help of tidying labels for the home can be the beginning of a more organised and peaceful family life. If only everything in life was that simple eh?!

Good luck, share your images of how you use our name labels for keeping organised and tidy  over on Facebook and Instagram- we can’t wait to see them!