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Back-to-School Name Labels

4th May 2018 |

“Give us a break and let our children enjoy their summer holidays!” parents all across the UK yell defiantly!

The summer holidays haven’t even started yet and already the shops and television adverts are screaming for parents to get all of their back-to-school basics and prepare for September. Why must getting ready to go back to school start so early!? Our children work hard all year long and the blissful six weeks of summer is a golden time and perhaps one which we remember most fondly from our own childhoods. The promise of late bedtimes, freckled noses, sand-between-toes, swimming in rivers, the tinkle of the ice cream van and having the freedom to run and play… these halcyon days pass by so quickly and should be cherished. Which is exactly the reason why we like to get prepared early; so that we can enjoy the whole long (hopefully hot) summer with our children without the worry of going back to school looming over us! Buying new uniforms, pens, pencil cases, bags, shoes and school name labels at the start of the holidays means that we can fully enjoy the rest of the summer, smug in the knowledge that this year, we’ve got it all covered. 

Tailor-Made School Uniform Labels

As you are all no doubt acutely aware, purchasing new uniforms, bags, shoes, PE kits, and stationary for going back to school often totals a small fortune. Here at My Name Label we are proud providers of the UK’s favourite tailor-made school name labels which help parents to retain their children’s belongings. We find that choosing a combination pack of school name labels for the new school year is the most affordable way of keeping uniforms, bags, sports kit and other school paraphernalia organised, recognisable and (most importantly) returnable. After a long day at school, children’s brains are over-tired from all that lovely learning. This means that they are easily distracted and can all-too-often leave blazers, expensive tennis racquets and bags on the school bus or at after-school club. A well-labelled item will be easily found, recognised and returned to the school/owner meaning that parents won’t have to fork out for costly replacements, and we love the sound of that. Our school name labels come in a wide range of colours, fonts and designs to ensure that your value-for-money name labels are as individual as your child. Personalise sports kits, bags, shoes, calculators and books with our easy-to-use name labels to ensure your child doesn’t come home lamenting another lost item again. 

A wise man once said “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”, and we whole-heartedly agree. Here at My Name Label we think that labelling your children’s belongings is a powerful weapon in the quest to identify and retain expensive school uniforms! And that will change your own world this coming school year, we promise.