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Fundraising Reaches Out To Nepal

19th May 2018 | Customer Stories Fundraising

Nola Ainsworth is proof that every little bit counts when it comes to fundraising.
Her Australian based organisation Reach Out Nepal funds schools and sponsors children in Kathmandu and the Himalayas in Nepal - one of the world’s poorest countries - so she knows first-hand how lives can be changed with just a small amount of money.

Reach Out Nepal began in Australia in 1996 after a trekking trip to Nepal where Nola read a guide book mentioning a local school that needed clothing donations. She called the school to ask what they needed and from that day forward, she has been dedicated to helping children in this area.

Children at school in Nepal

Nola started using My Name Label (Australia) to order her granddaughter’s kindergarten name labels 14 years ago and joined the fundraising program soon after. The money she raises each year contributes to extra experiences for the children in Nepal such as swimming lessons or camps. Reach Out Nepal is run solely by Nola with every cent going directly to the children or schools. By sharing her fundraising success, Nola hopes she will inspire other people to do the same because ‘it’s effortless, it’s a quick service and they have great choices’ she said.

How does fundraising with My Name Label work? Simply register your organisation, school, nursery school, or charity, place label orders using a unique code and 15% of the sale value of all orders will be paid to your organisation annually. In addition, we offer a 5% discount to parents on their order.

For more information see our fundraising page.

If you are interested in finding out more about Reach Out Nepal, or would like to donate please visit Reach Out Nepal.