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The Most Popular Baby Names in 2018 (and What They Mean)

2nd November 2018 |

Here at My Name Label we’re all about names… we love seeing new and exciting names whizzing through our printers and are eternally curious as to which names are most common and which ones are falling out of favour. We discussed the least popular baby names in 2018 back in August, so now it’s only fair to look at the most popular baby names in 2018 and the meanings behind them.

The Most Popular Baby Names in 2018

most popular girls names 2018

10 Most Popular Girls Names

The top 10 most popular girls’ names 2018 remain pretty similar to the most popular girls’ names of 2017. Non-movers include Olivia holding on to the top spot, with Ava still in the top 10 too. Girls names to watch out for this year include 'old lady' but edgy names making their way back to popularity with names like Ada as a new entry at number 74 and Bonnie up 11 places to 77. Royal names have also seen a surge in popularity with Victoria and Charlotte climbing the rankings.  Food-inspired baby names also look set to become a big trend with names like Saffron and Honey soaring in popularity.


This popular girl name has been popular for a long time. It was first used as a girls; name in Shakespeare’s “Twelfth Night” and means ‘Elf Army’ in English. The Latin interpretation simply states the meaning of Olivia as ‘olive branch’, and it is also the feminine version of the popular boys’ name Oliver.


Sophia is a Greek baby name meaning ‘wisdom’ or ‘wise’. The name has been in common use in England since the 17th century, when it was bestowed upon the infant daughter of James I.


Amelia is an English variant of the Germanic word ‘Amalia’ which means ‘work’ which often gets translated as meaning ‘industriousness’ and ‘striving’. Amelia is a lovely Victorian name with a heroic connection to aviatrix Amelia Earhart and is one of the hottest girls' names in 2018.


In English the meaning of the name Lily is a lily flower which symbolises purity. The flower lily is a symbol of innocence; purity and beauty.


Much like number 3 popular girls name Amelia, the name Emily means industrious; striving. It comes from the name Aemilia, the feminine form of the Roman family name Aemilius.


This popular girls name may have originated from the Latin ‘avis’ which means bird.It could also be the Hebrew form of ‘Eve’ and was popularised as a girls’ name by the actress Ava Gardner.


Isla means ‘Island’ in Spanish and is often thought of as a diminutive of Isabella. This name is a Scottish baby name and comes from the name of a Scottish river.


The name ‘Aria’ means ‘air’, ‘song’ and ‘melody’. It can be a male or female name, depending on the country of origin. In Albanian the name Aria means ‘gold’ and in Hebrew it means ‘lioness of God’.


This Israeli baby name is an abbreviation of the name Michal. In Scandinavian it means ‘mine, bitter’ and has grown in popularity over the past few years.


This popular Hebrew name means ‘devoted to God’ and has many derivatives including Issy, Bella, Belle and Izzie. In England it is a variation of Elizabeth.

    10 Most Popular Boys Names


    This most popular Arabic baby name means ‘praiseworthy’ or ‘glorified’. From Mo Farah to Mohamed Al Fayed and Muhammad Ali, there is no shortage of high-profile people named after the prophet of Islam.


    Oliver is a Norse baby name meaning ‘Affectionate’. It most commonly comes from the French form ‘Olivier’ and is derived from the Latin word ‘olivarious’ meaning olive tree. Commonly shortened to Olly or Ols.


    The biblical name Noah is a Hebrew name meaning ‘comfort’, or ‘long-lived’. In the bible Noah built the ark and helped every species on earth to survive the great flood.


    The royal connection has made this classic boys name more popular than ever! George is a Greek baby name which comes from the word ‘georgos’ (tiller of the soil). St George is also the patron saint of England.


    Harry is short for ‘Harold’ traditionally, but the stand-alone name ‘Harry’ is more popular than ever. Harry could be a medieval form of Henry and comes from the Germanic meaning ‘home’.


    Leo is Latin for ‘lion’ and is the name of many early Christian saints and popes. In German it’s sort for ‘Leon’ or ‘Leopold’ which means ‘brave people’.


    Similarly to ‘Harry’, Charlie was once the shortened version of the name Charles but now sees popularity as a stand-alone name of its own. Charlie comes from the Old English ‘ceorl’ meaning ‘man’.


    The name Jack has long been in lists of most popular baby names and is an English name meaning ‘God is gracious’. During the middle ages it was so common that it was used as a general term for ‘man’ or ‘boy’.


    Freddie was once the shortened version of Frederick but now stands on its own in the list of most popular boys names for 2018. It’s a German baby name meaning ‘peaceful ruler’.


    Alfie has risen to popularity over the past few years and means ‘sage’ or ‘wise’. It comes from the Old English ‘Aelfraed’ which mean ‘elf counsel’.

      Did you favourite baby name appear in this run down of most popular baby names for 2018? Do you think your favourite name should appear? If you’re looking for a baby name and don’t know where to start, follow us over on Facebook where we regularly list an alphabetical selection of baby names to make your decision easier! We can’t wait to hear from you…