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The Rarest Baby Names in the UK for 2020

6th January 2020 |

Parents-to-be expecting a new family member in 2020 have an important job ahead of them this year, and many will be considering what to name their baby as the due date approaches. Especially for people who grew up in the 80s and 90s, the swathes of Sophies, Matthews, Claires and Daniels from that generation perhaps encourages them to choose a more unusual baby name for their own offspring. 

Choosing a rare baby name can be exciting and brave- what will your mother-in-law think (and do you care? haha!), will people be able to spell it, and will your little one suit the unique name you've chosen for them? Here we look at the rarest baby names in the UK for 2020 to give you some inspiration for choosing that special name for your beautiful new arrival... 

rare baby names 2020

Rarest Baby Names in the UK 

5 Rare Baby Girls' Names

 1) Adelaide

The girls' name Adelaide was chosen as the name for less than 200 babies last year and isn't looking to be on the rise for 2020. The name Adelaide means 'noble, nobility' and first gained fame as the noble German princess who married the British King William IV in 1830. 

2) Clemmie

Clemmie means 'mercy or merciful' and is a beautiful but rare baby girls' name of Latin descent. It is sometimes used as an abbreviation of the name 'Clementine', but when used solely as a first name, Clemmie is pretty rare and has only been used approximately 1800 times in the last century

3) Tulip

Unlike the more popular flower-inspired monikers Poppy, Lily and Rose, the name Tulip is a rare baby name only used a handful of times in the past decade, perhaps due to it being very cute but rather difficult to pull off. This unusual name derives from the Persian "dulband" (turban), due to the distinctive shape of the flowers.

4) Breya

In 2018 there were only 18 baby girls named Breya meaning that this rare baby name is one of the most unique you can choose for your baby in 2020. This light and breezy Irish name means 'pure and spirited' and is a beautiful choice for baby girls due this year. 

5) Prue

Sometimes a derivative for Prunella or Prudence, the rare baby girls' name Prue was only given to 5 baby girls in the UK in 2018 and is set to remain one of the rarest baby names in the UK for 2020. This short and funky name means ''cautious and intelligent". 

name labels

5 Rare Baby Boys' Names

1) Denby

We've not yet seen any 'Denbys' pass through the name label printers here at My Name Label HQ, but that's not to say that it won't be used as a name label in 2020! The name Denby is an Anglo-Saxon baby name from the Danish meaning 'settlement'. 

2) Axton

Axton is a rare boys name meaning 'sword, stone' and is a strong contender for one of the rarest baby names in the UK. There were only around 180 babies named Axton in the past year and this strong name looks set to remain unique as we move forwards into the next decade. 

3) Lowen

Being based in Cornwall we have seen a few Lowens pass through the My Name Label office in recent times (and Lowena for girls), although we believe it is still a rare name for the UK as a whole. Lowen is a Cornish baby name meaning 'joyful, fortunate, lucky' and comes from the saint of the same name. 

4) Phileas

This bold name for boys comes from the Greek word for 'affectionate'. Phileas has been in use as a rare name  from as early as the late 17th century and used primarily by Catholics in honour of the saint. Phileas Fogg is also the main character in the 1873 Jules Verne novel "Around the World in Eighty Days".

5) Whittaker

Whittaker comes from Old English and means "from the white/wheat field". It is pretty rare and there are only a handful of Whittakers in the UK - we've never printed one on our clothing name labels (yet!). Perhaps 2020 will be the year we do :)

Giving your child an unusual baby name can be a gift. It will make them unique and people will remember them for their rare name, but just make sure that the name doesn't become a curse if it is too difficult to spell or they may not thank you as they grow up! When we print name labels we print the name exactly as it is entered on the system, so be sure when ordering that you enter the name of your child exactly as you'd like it printed. Our small name labels are made from a high grade vinyl that will stick to most clean smooth surfaces making them perfect for lunch boxes, drink bottles, pencils, and sporting gear - whatever the name!

Did you choose a rare baby name for your little angels? Please share with us over on our social feeds - we have lively Facebook and Instagram communities who would love to hear your rare baby names!